Business Continuity Awareness Week

March 16-20 2015

This year the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE), the Business Continuity Institute Canada (BCI), Disaster Recovery Institute Canada (DRIC) the World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM), Centennial College – Emergency Management and Public Safety Institute (EMPSI) and the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network (CRHNet) are teaming up to promote Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) in Canada. BCAW’s have been organized internationally since 2005 to raise awareness and enhance the ability of all types of organizations to practice Business Continuity Management (BCM).

This year’s theme is:

“Putting Your Plans to the Test”

In the weeks leading up to BCAW this theme will be explored, developed and expanded, with contributions from all partner organizations and their respective members. We encourage active participation in all BCAW activities, including discussion forums and webinars.

BCAW is an ideal stimulus for educating organizations on the importance of business continuity planning and resilience, by sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices. By working together we can be better prepared to handle adversity when it arises. BCAW`s Groupsite (via the link to the right) is a public forum providing participants with a shared calendar, discussion forums, member profiles, useful links, a file archive and more. We encourage you to upload your photo, complete your profile and participate actively! Let fellow members know right there what you are doing for Business Continuity Awareness Week. Check out the Groupsite Toolkit for materials – such as the BCAW poster and sundry articles – to assist in promoting Business Continuity within your organization!